Why I use Isagenix Shakes and always will.

Being in the health and fitness industry and body building for over 20 years and owning a gym for 15 years, I seen early on the benefits of using protein shakes/smoothies. Having 2 shakes a day, selling shakes at the gym and making shakes for my family I personally have made over 10 thousand shakes, so when if comes to flavour, texture and quality id say I’m very experienced maybe even a “shake expert”. So now that I have established my credibility lets talk nutrition and kinds of protein.

The most popular and rightfully so, kind of protein shakes is Whey Protein, Whey is the protein from Milk it is pulled from the curds during the cheese making process leaving the majority of the lactose behind. Whey is a Complete protein(unlike many other sources like Soya), meaning it carries all the essential Branch Chain Amino Acids and is easily absorbed being the best protein for building muscle. It used to be thought that “Shakes” were only for bodybuilders but now its is common knowledge that they are amazing for fat loss and great for just general overall healthy lifestyle, weather it is whey or veggie protein it seems to be a no brainer to Shake it up.”

IsaLean Shake AlbertaWe have different kinds of Whey, and the difference is in the processing, Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate, and Whey Hydrolysate. So its is thought that the more we process the whey like Whey isolate the better it is for us and that simply isn’t true, the more we process it the more we strip the bioactive components, but the more we process it the purer it is and more protein we get serving, so we give up some to gain some. As for Whey Hydrolysate it is predigested thinking that it would digest and absorb faster, but that simply is not true, whey protein already digests so fast that it doesn’t make a difference and so their is no benefit to it, and it tastes Not good so usually has lots of artificial sweeteners to mask the taste.

Now we need to look at the different processing that goes on Denatured and Undenatured. The difference is simple Undenatured means it hasn’t been exposed to high heat and has cold filtration during the process this does not alter the amino structure and leaves us with the best Whey Protein possible.

The other type of shakes that have been in the spotlight the last few years is Veggie/vegan Shakes, so plant based protein. Not as superior as the Whey Protein but still can be an amazing, easily digested source of protein and can be a great substitute for those who are vegan or are lactose intolerant. But like Whey not all pant based proteins are the same, in fact some on the market like Soya have been fooling people into thinking it is a good source when
in fact is a very poor, low quality GMO protein and in fact can do more harm than good. But there are many sources that are just fine so we will focus on the two sources that are as close to Whey’s Branch chain amino profile as possible and that is Whole grain rice and Pea protein isolate combo, these two together will give us the closest amino acid profile that is just about the same as Whey protein, and that is what is optimal for muscle development. Most other vegan protein just does not have the amino acid profile needed for a complete protein and are not as superior.

IsaLean Shake Alberta

So if you have stuck with me this far, I will explain why I exclusively use Isagenix shakes…

1.  No compromise guarantee, meaning Isagenix only uses the best possible source of ingredients, so all natural/organic sources.

2.  Isagenix uses a Whey complex, sourced from New Zealand, so Organic from year round grass fed cows, no hormones or antibiotics.

3.  The Dairy free/Vegan is Whole grain rice/Pea Isolate(the best Branch chain Amino profile) and is also Organic sourced.

4.  Ease and convenience, personally I love the fact that the Isagenix shakes are a full Macro / meal replacement shake, so we get all the essential nutrients and macros our bodies require all at the same time, so an amazing protein, complex carb, essential good fats and fibre, as we do want full macros at every meal keeping our blood sugars stable and low for optimal muscle gain and fat loss.

5.  Digestive enzymes are used in the Whey shakes for optimal digestion and absorption, taking in food doesn’t always mean we actually digest and use it properly. These shakes are designed from the best formulators in the world to ensure we absorb and use the whole shake, which means we are getting all the essential nutrients our bodies require.

6.  Taste and texture… This also has to be a must to keep us coming back for more and loving every meal and from all the different shakes ive had over the years these are bar none the best tasting shakes ive ever had and they blend with ease ending up like a perfect Milk shake, along with the fact of all the different amazing flavours that are available through out the year, and we have access to so many amazing shake and snack/meal recipes.

7.  All the open info that is available from Isagenix is amazing, we can look up every ingredient and lets us understand why it is in all the different products, even a health link that we can access with ease to let us know what products we should or should not use depending on our circumstances, and the support network is huge and amazing we have a positive community like none other, willing to help and support no matter what your goals are.

So that wraps up my blog on why Isagenix is so superior over every other company and why ill only feed my family and recommend the best.

Isalean Shakes essential for losing weight and a healthy lifestyle. Get yours now!