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Hi guys!! My name is Vince I am a married to my high school sweet heart Leanne and we have 4 kids, Justine 22, Chelsey 19, and the twins Ace and Dax are 9.

My journey starts early in life, at 21 starting my first business a Motorcycle/ATV Repair shop and having my first child days after life was very hectic and busy, like most people we had very little knowledge on nutrition and it soon caught up to me gaining weight leaving me feeling worn out and very sluggish for the next several years.

isagenix wealth creation AlbertaRealizing I needed a change and always interested in gaining muscle I started at the local gym, luckily meeting some larger experienced guys that took me under their wing. Working out for 2 years I seen little progression, taking a photo I soon realized I still looked like Homer Simpson… so the only thing left was nutrition, not having the internet I started to read every book I could find and soon put my new found knowledge to the test having an amazing transformation in just 8 months, doing my first bodybuilding show, I couldn’t believe in that time how much better I felt and how much more ambition and mental clarity I had.

Finding my new passion, I closed my shop and bought the local gym at just 25 years old, bringing it up and busier than ever I designed and built my own building and moved the gym the following year naming it Vince’s Gym, as a family we ran it there for another 14 years. During that time, I did many bodybuilding shows constantly learning about nutrition and training, teaching my family, helping many people, always teaching and doing nutrition seminars educating as┬ámany people as possible. Finding my ultimate passion, Helping People with their health, I sold our gym and pursued my dream.

Now my whole family follows our way of living, we all have different goals and body types but we follow the exact same principles and we all want to help change lives and share our knowledge with you.

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