Hi Everyone Vince and Leanne here from Health Is Wealth Canada, thanks for joining us. We want to talk about and explain our 1 on 1 Nutrition Program so you can see if its a fit for you, no matter if your looking for weight loss, muscle gain or just healthy aging we will have you covered. First of all we want everyone to know we use and incorporate Isagenix products into our programs and I want to explain why…

Isagenix muscle BarrheadISAGENIX is a one of a kind all natural/organic nutrition system that addresses all issues People are having today… Tired, cant sleep, over weight, low on muscle mass, low on energy and Toxic.There is a huge selection of products, all are packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the proper nutrients our bodies require, they have a no compromise guarantee so you are definitely getting what it says you are.


You will save on cost, as there is no way you can get a full organic meal for under $4 like you will from these amazing shakes,the Shakes are also so delish and easy on the stomach,remember we want foods our bodies can digest properly and absorb the nutrients this is key for long term health, weight loss and muscle gain. You will save on time as there is so much less meal prep, all the products taste amazing and just the plain convenience of the shakes and snacks will make your day so much easier which will help to stay on track long term.

We also incorporate intermittent fasting/ cleansing into our programs there are so many amazing benefits from fasting and as we live in such a toxic environment and the majority of our health issues are related to toxins, so we want to focus on getting us healthy from the inside out so we can metabolize fat properly and get our bodies running efficiently, this is the absolute fastest and best way to get us on track for long term success.

Too many calories will stop us from losing fat and we will gain weight, too little calories can also stop us from loosing fat, we will likely loose muscle and slow down our metabolism, Most programs out there start you out with too low of calories without the nutrients to back it up and most everyone fails and rebounds, they are actually doing more damage than good the scary thing is this can do long term metabolic and health damage.

So you can see why the right program is crucial for long term success, the correct amount of macros is also very important, meaning the right amount of Proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Your macros all work together and play a roll in fat loss and muscle gain, as they all have certain nutrients and antioxidants that are so very important to long term health so we cut Nothing out, yes Carbs are important and so are fats!!

Isagenix works so well in all these areas as it is already set up perfectly as a balanced meal and\ we are getting a ton of nutrients without all the calories. So now that we understand the importance of Isagenix as part of our lifestyle we will explain our specific 1 On 1 program.

First of all our main concern is long term health. Weight loss and muscle gain will come when we are healthy so lets all get healthy!! We realize that making a lifestyle change can be confusing and scary, so we took all the guess work out for you and we have a huge support

In order for any program to be successful long term we need to have the proper amount of calories and Macros specific to Body weight, age, gender and activity level. Even then it can be difficult as we are all different, our metabolism, body type, and even our resistance and how we react to different foods can all play a roll on our gains and losses. So we set our programs up exactly that way..specific to you and your goals.

Our programs take all the guess work out and is set up to teach you portion amounts.

It will be 3 months at a time, as we know it will take 3 months to learn what you need to and it takes 90 days to break habits. This isn’t a quick fix it is a lifestyle change and we want to give you and teach you what we have been learning and following so you have long term success as well and you can pass it on to your family.

So each month is mapped out daily and every meal is figured out for you, you will have a huge selection of amazing foods and meals to pick from, and likely will never be hungry as you will be getting more nutrients than your used too.

We will do a one on one interview to get all the info we need to get you started properly. Once you are committed we will send you your program and you can get started, you will receive all the info you need and it is the easiest one of a kind program I have ever seen, a full 4 week calendar and you simply click on the day, your daily meals come up and your workout for the day.

You will also be able to ask us questions through the month, we have to limit this as we will be working with so many clients and everyone deserves some time, so 4 questions per month with a 24 hour response time, except for weekends as we also need family time.

You will get 2 more follow up one on ones and adjustments to your program if needed. You will need to do your measurements, pictures and weight as it is crucial to see and keep track of your progress. We also insist you do our Isabody Challenge, it is a 16 week challenge
that will keep you accountable and has amazing prizes, you will also receive $200 in free product just for finishing it. We also have a private FB page that is available and is amazing for support and encouragement.

Isagenix Health Products Calgary

We also encourage to get active, it isn’t a must but we know it will fast track your success so we will be offering full workout programs as well, again super easy to follow with full instructions on every exercise. Our workout programs have been built by me and is what we
use and follow as we know from experience works well and you will have a variety to choose from depending on what your goals are. We focus more on nutrition as results come from 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

We offer all this for only $300 for 3 months, we want to give people a great deal at price everyone could afford. We have been blessed and just want to give back what we have been working on and living for the past 20 years, we have passed it on to our kids and now we want to pass it on to you. Life is amazing and we all deserve to live a long happy healthy life, please remember your health is an investment not an expense. We look forward to working with you and please if you have any questions just ask, we are here for you. �

Start now and achieve best results today!