A pre-workout shot that supports nitric oxide production, which increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to cells so your muscles can function efficiently and prevent fatigue. * §§

  • Take your training to the next level *
  • Prime your body to reduce fatigue *
  • Support healthy blood flow for delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells *
AMPED™ NOx – Garden Blend Flavour – 12 x 60 mL bottles
Isagenix Coffee

Isagenix Coffee

A fairly traded blend of 100 percent arabica beans, Isagenix Coffee is slow-roasted, smooth-tasting ground coffee to help start your mornings right.

  • Contains green tea extract, trace minerals, and coconut oil
  • Coffee beans are never touched during the roasting process
  • Available in Premium and USDA-Certified Organic blends
isagenix energy products Alberta

IsaLean® Bar

IsaLean Bars are delicious, easy, and perfect for a quick meal on the go. If you’re looking for a nutritious meal, but don’t want to sacrifice taste, IsaLean Bars are a great option.

  • 18-19 grams of high-quality protein
  • Supports lean muscle building
  • Helps satisfy cravings to support weight loss
AMPED™ Protein Bar

AMPED™ Protein Bar

Protein That Drives Performance. AMPED™ Protein Bar is an excellent and convenient source of great-tasting, high-quality protein to help optimize performance and recovery. It is loaded with 28 grams of a whey-based protein blend with a superior amino acid profile that will support lean muscle building and maintenance.

  • Informed-Sport Certified
  • Exceptional taste
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
  • Gluten-free and soy-free

*Strawberries & Cream AMPED™ Protein Bar coming this winter!

Ionix® Supreme

Ionix® Supreme

Ionix Supreme is a nutrient-rich tonic, featuring a blend of Adaptogens designed to protect against the negative effects of stress.*

  • Helps balance and normalize the body’s systems*
  • Energizes cells to support faster post-exercise recovery*
  • Supports clarity and focus*
Shake and Shot

Shake and Shot

Start living the life you crave with the Shake & Shot Pak. This revved up pak is perfect for maximizing your energy and performance goals.

  • Boost energy
  • Fuel lean muscle mass
  • Support optimal nutrition
Shake & Shot Pak

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It’s about bloody time, I’ve been preaching how bad Trans Fat are for about 20 years good thing the Government health department has finally caught up....kinda.Lol. Now if they can do something about High Fructose Corn Syrup we will be drastically reducing medical issues. 👊🏻💥

Health is Wealth

2 days 6 hours ago

Slow cooked cheddar stuffed chicken breast with a mushroom sauce, on garden spuds with a side salad. Absolutely delish!!
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