Isagenix Health Products Canada

So why we are in such an epidemic and what is happening is plain and simply our food is short in nutrients, we are mass producing and our soils are depleted. If you remember the taste of a garden Carrot and then one bought from the store, you remember the difference, it’s because the shortage in nutrients, so now you will have to eat 5-10 store carrots to equal the nutrient value of the 1 garden carrot, the problem is we don’t eat that much and if we did we would be getting 5-10x the calories. So we eat and eat without truly getting fed. Also because we are in such a toxic environment and we ingest 1 gallon of herbicides and pesticides a year our bodies are in a toxic, acidic state and our bodies won’t function properly or metabolize fat properly. Hence why most everyone is tired, overweight and sick. Our system is a one of a kind all natural/organic nutrition system that addresses all these issues, getting us clean and healthy from the inside out. Putting us back into that Alkaline state, ridding the toxins and getting our bodies back running efficiently to work properly and metabolize fat properly, all while maintaining or even putting on lean muscle. We have a full product line, weight loss, energy, performance and healthy aging. We want people to realize there is hope out there and we have the solutions. This is a lifestyle, and we just simply incorporate these products into your daily life, they taste amazing, packed full of essential nutrients, feeding us the perfect macros so we don’t need to calorie count, the convenience and ease of the program is nothing short of amazing.

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