For starters you Can’t out work a bad diet, no matter how much you do you will not succeed in long term fat loss.

Normal Cardio is just that to help build and maintain cardiovascular. We can use it for fat loss but it has to be done properly and carefully or muscle hypotrophy can occur. (Muscle loss).

First of all lets look at Long distance runners, generally very skinny with little muscle and usually carry excess fat. That’s the body’s reaction, as the body has adapted to running non stop it will store fat for energy, and muscle loss has occurred as well, as they are constantly burning it for energy.

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Lets look at Sprinters, they are generally lean, with excess muscle as they are always keeping their bodies guessing and putting it under demand all the time, thus holding more muscle and keeping the metabolism cooking and effectively they burn off more calories, thus keeping fat stores low.

So when it comes to us Normal people that just want long term health and keep the fat off, this tells us what we should be doing.

So for me when I do cardio for fat loss I do Fasted Cardio or HIIT cardio.

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Fasted Cardio
Done first thing in the morning with a big glass of water, our glycogen stores are at a minimum and we are likely going to tap into our Fat stores, I will do 20-30min, I will also do intervals and switch up the type of cardio so my body does not adapt. I also keep my heart rate between 120 and 140BPM. I do this all to minimize muscle loss, too much will start burning off muscle, a big NO NO.

HIIT cardio
I do this after weight training, why? Because I want to burn off my Glycogen stores lifting weights as muscle is the key to long term fat loss, then hopefully tap into the fat stores by doing HIIT, this also keeps the body guessing, I usually only also do 20min as same thing I want to keep all my hard earned muscle.

There it is so lets put this into play and get ripped!! Isagenix Canada has amazing performance products that can go hand in hand with your work outs to enhance and increase the effects of muscle gain and toning.

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